Thursday, October 31, 2013

Who Loves You?

Anybody can say "I love you". But how many people really mean it? The fact is for every 2 or 3 people that you'll meet in your lifetime who make this seemingly sencere proclaimation, there will be quite a few more who will lie to you just to get what they want. Their love changes like the weather and blows like dust in the wind whenever it's convenient for them.

Ask yourself if this man only loves you when he's inside of you. Or if this woman only loves you on pay day.

If these are the only times that these people express their love for you, then they don't really love you, and your significant other doesn't think that you are significant at all.

They love you for what you can do and not for who you are. 

Those who really love, and who are in love with you, will love you even when you feel like you have no love left. When your broke, sick, and running on empty they will still treat you like gold, and truely love you for who you are.


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