Monday, October 7, 2013

A Good Man?

It's the same old song. If you were on the outside looking in at blackness you would think that there is not one good Black man left on earth. Partially because of the media. But part of it is because of the fact that it has become a popular complaint amongst Black women.
Each one accompanied by stories about an endless parade of loser's who sold them dreams, and ended up giving them a nightmare instead. 
While I'll be the first to admit, that there are a ton of jerks, psychos, cheaters, and serial heart breakers, there are also a lot of good black men out there.
Ladies you need to ask yourselves two questions
#1. What is a good Black man?
#2. Are you a good Black woman?
Some women wouldn't know a good black man if he came gift wrapped from Jesus and left on their doorsteps.
But it goes both ways. There is a whole generation of males, some of whom are way over 21, who do know how to be a half way decent man much less a good man.
So, how do you recognize a good black man? The most important part of Black love is loving yourself. Until you learn how to have a love affair with yourself, you will continue to look for that missing piece to make you whole. Many women settle for the loser parade because they don't believe that they are winners.
Opposites attracting is a myth. We are often drawn to what we know, what we can identify with, and what we are.


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