Saturday, October 5, 2013

Black Love

In order to know what black love is, first we have to understand what black love is not. Black love cannot and will not be found between your legs, and it does not begin with penetration and end in orgasm. 
Despite what you've heard, Black love should NEVER hurt. Being battered, beat and bruised is not what love is about. Love is not something that can be pounded into you by frustrated fists that don't have a clue. 
Why Black love? Because it has almost become something of a myth. With 75 percent of all Black households being run by women. It almost seems as if this special kind of love is headed for extinction. But the fact of the matter is that is still exists, it can still be found, and it can still thrive. Black love begins with loving who you are, embracing who you are, and appreciating the journey.


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