Monday, October 21, 2013

10 Things To Consider When Choosing A Mate

#1. God. It takes a strong man or woman to surrender their lives, and unapologetically serve God.

#2. Love. Enough said. A relationship without love is like a bird without wings. It will never rise to new heights or realize its full potential.

#3. Honesty. You should never have to find out anything by accident. Someone who is truely honest will open up their closet door and show you each and every skeleton.

#4. Maturity. I cannot stress this one enough. Maturity is required to succeed at everything on this list.

#5. Employment. Love can't pay the bills or put food on the table. Only a steady paycheck or two will keep the lights on.

#6. Ambition. Do they want more out of life, and are they actively doing anything to get more out of life.

#7. Family life. The way they were raised, and who raised them plays a huge part in who they are. Pay special attention to how they treat their parents.

#8. Self esteem. It's impossible for someone to love you if they don't love themselves.

#9. Patience. Besides being a virtue, it comes in handy on the days when you're no so easy to love.

#10. Potential. But, potentisl can be overrated if you're not realistic. If you think that he or she has the potential to be a good husband or wife once they stop cheating, it qualifies as unrealistic potential. If this person has a profession or a skill that they are passionate about, and are ambitious enough to pursue it, that qualifies as authentic potential, and it is worth investing your time and your love.


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