Sunday, October 13, 2013

Picking Your Battles

There is no such thing is a perfect relationship because none if us are perfect people. With that being said, there will always be times when you and your mate will disagree. It is at these times that your love, patience and understanding will be tested.
If you're an adult, a mature adult, you understand that we do not love because we see perfection in someone. But we love because we have learned to embrace who this person is, imperfections and all.
Another thing that we learn is that we do not have to win every disagreement, or argument. Often times if it is not a matter of life, and death, or a disaster that will bring the world to an end, it is best just to let it go. Every potential battle is not worth fighting unless your intention is to go to war. We've all been there before. Most of us have argued and fought at some point with someone in our lives, and all it did was escalate and instead of accomplish.

This may sound like an odd comparison especially given the fact that it's a different kind of fighting. But in "Enter The Dragon" when Bruce Lee was asked by a protagonist what his style of fighting is, his reply was, "The style of fighting without fighting."


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