Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Does It Cost A Lot Of Money To Be Married?

Does it take a lot of money to be married is a good question. The person did not ask does it take a lot of money to “get” married, that’s an easy question to answer. No, the question asked was much harder. Does it take a lot of money to be married – that is a tough one because “a lot” of money is very relative, there are also many different variables that come into play.

Things such as these make a difference – where you live, how you live, how well do you budget money, are there children involved, what are your monthly expenses, do you have a car note, are you employed at a job that covers a least a portion of health insurance – this list can go on and on without ending.

Money is no substitute for love, as well, love cannot be bought. However, it sure does make life a lot easier when you have enough money to meet your basic needs and some left over to go out and buy an ice cream cone if you want one. Money is not what a marriage is built on, yet a marriage needs money as a tool to support the family.

Love is a beautiful thing that can lead to making decisions based on heartfelt emotions.  Wisdom has to play a role in decision making processes as well, because no matter how beautiful love is, it will not buy groceries. That takes money.When looking at statistical data, many marriages end in divorce because of money issues. You have to admit money plays a big role in our lives. The lack of money causes challenges in an individual’s life, just imagine the challenges it can produce in the lives of a married couple. Many of us have faced these challenges and would not wish them on our worst enemy. Some of us are still going through. The victory of overcoming money problems can strengthen a family unit. Yet, much data shows it can also tear it apart.

Does it take a lot of money to be married – this is a good question filled with curiosity and a desire to be prepared. However, there is no concrete answer.

To come close to answering the question it would take detailed budgeting, laying out each partner’s current financial status, delving into spending habits, deciding how monies will be spent and allocated as a couple, talking about future goals and aspirations, transparency and honestly from both partners, and so much more.


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