Sunday, July 13, 2014

3 Signs That He/She Is Not Marriage Material

1. The only one they truly care about is themselves. This should be obvious. When you need them they're  never around, and when you ask them for help they do so only if it does not interfer with their needs.

2. They don't have anything. They don't  know how to do anything, and they don't want anything. Ambition is important in a marriage because a huge part of a successful marriage is progress. Not just financial or emotional progress. But progression in the form of maturation. The key is, desire. There has to be a desire to grow and an ambition to succeed.

3. They disrespect their parents. I can't stress this enough. A man who disrespects his mother, will not respect you. Mainly because he has little or no idea how to. It's like giving him a new bike and forcing him to ride it when he's never learned how to balance himself on the old one.


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