Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Top 5 Deal Breaker's

Deal breakers are things that you just won't put up with. Knowing what they are is a sure sign that you are mature enough to know your limitations and smart enough to understand who you are. Some deal beakers are idiosyncratic, and depend on your personal feelings, and others are just so inexcusable that they are just unacceptable. Here are the top five.

1. Over 30, (I'm being generous), and still lives with his or her parents. This says a lot about about ambition, and drive or lack there of.

2. No job, no plan, and no idea how to get or execute either one. What kind of future can you possibly have with this person?

3. Secret children (self explanatory).

4. Having a secret lover, unless it is part of your deal. In that case, you need Jesus, and maybe some extensive therapy.

5. Androgyny. If they're not sure what they are or what they want to be there should have never been a deal in the first place. There is nothing more indecisive. Besides the only one who is allowed to be a little androgynous is Prince.


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