Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do You Like Who You Love?

We all know how important it is to love your significant other. After all that is what makes them our significant other.
But it is equally important that you like one another. Love and like are to different things, and love does not automatically equal like. It should, but unfortunately it does not. Many people fall in love with who they think someone is, only to find out weeks, months, or even years later that they fell in love with a figment of their imagination. They end up staying involved because they believe that the qualities once exhibited by their mate are just below the surface, and they linger hoping for a glimpse of the one that they love. The problem is, often times theiir significant other has lost interest in pretending, and have become settled in the relationship. Yet some, still hang on to hope that the jerk that they sleep next to every night is really the original that they fell in love with.
Mean while they have to put effort enough liking them.

Points to ponder.


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