Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Good Day For Divorce?

Last Sunday was January 12, by far the most wonderful day of the year. It was a bright, sunny day. The sky was clear. We had a wonderful church service, and it was MY birthday. I spent each and every moment of it from sun up to sunset with my lovely wife by my side. So imagine my surprise when I found out that for some 1-12-2014 was a tragic day.

More couples will decided to divorce on January 12 than on any other day of the year, it is claimed.

Lawyers believe many couples whose marriages have reached a breaking point have stuck together over the past year as they calculated whether they could afford to go their separate ways when the economy has not fully recovered from the recession.

They predicted that many couples have stuck together for one last Christmas as a family then split up the week that their children go back to school.

Legal experts are expecting a record number of separating spouses in the New Year because the unemployment rate and the crumbling housing market are still struggling to recover in some parts of the country. This puts relationships under greater strain.

The end of any marriage is a tragedy, and an unending circle should never be broken. 

There is strength in unity, and triumph in perseverance. There is no reward in giving up. Remember why you fell in love.


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